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Archerís Towing considers itself one of the most innovative towing companies around. Our acclaimed security system is custom designed to ensure that all vehicles are safe and secure when towed by Archerís. Our innovation is unmatched by any other company and places Archerís in an elite group of extremely professional towers. Find out more.

Mission Statement

Archerís Vineland Service is committed to providing superior customer service in the areas of towing, storage, security, lien services, and commercial truck repair. We are committed to being responsive, timely and professional partners. We are experts in our field and will endeavor to perform our work with integrity. We have been part of the community for over 80 years.

This was all you needed back then.


Archerís Towing has always been a family business. In the early 1920ís, brothers Bill, Ed, and Lee Archer began auto repair out of their garage. Later they opened a gas station and repair shop at the corner of Lankershiem and Camarillo. From the beginning Archerís was the place to go for friendly family service and the business thrived, over the years they added a body shop, towing business and auto parts store. They outgrew their location and ended up at 5444 Vineland Ave which is still used by Archerís today. In the 50ís Archerís became the Official Police Garage for North Hollywood Division of LAPD. Archerís still holds that contract today.
In 1980, E.C. Brittsan bought the business from Lee Archer. He hired his brother-in-law, Jim Milhoan, to run the business. E.C. retained the Archer name and reputation for excellence. Jim soon became co-owner of the company, and started a second generation of family service. Since 1990 Jimís son Russ Milhoan has run the day to day operation. Russí wife children and extended family have continued to make Archerís a family business.
Under Russís management Archerís added a new office facility which they moved into in Dec of 2005. The new facility provides plenty of office space and lots of indoor and outdoor vehicle storage. Improvements and updates in services and equipment are continually made and business is still done in a neighborly way that would make the Archer brothers proud.
We are Archerís today, as always, a family business targeting your every towing need with personable and professional care.