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Private Impound Services

Private Impound Services

As a property owner you need somebody fast to get your parking lot clear of unauthorized vehicles so there is room enough for your tenants and customers. You want a professional who can get the job done quickly and not take up your valuable time. You want somebody who takes responsibility and is insured and will not try to involve you in negotiating or paying for damages to a towed vehicle. If there is damage that we have caused then we will pay for it. We go to great lengths to protect consumers, property owners and ourselves. We use our innovative Flashback Security System—jump to the bottom of the page to learn more aobut it. You want a tower who knows the law and follows the law, who will protect your interest as a property owner.*
*California has been inundated with towers who prey on consumers. Having taken advantage of deregulated Federal Law these towers would take consumers cars from a property without the property owner’s permission or even from public streets, both of which are akin to stealing cars. Both State and Federal laws have become stricter on towers and property owners and there are penalties for violations for both tower and property owners. Towers who prey on consumers do not have your interest at heart and will put you at risk of penalties for improper towing. Archer’s and other Official Police Garages have been recommended by the City of Los Angeles as towers who “do it right.”(attatch press release) Archer’s will follow the law AND make sure you are in compliance to protect you against liability.
We have California legal signs available in both plastic and high quality aluminum. For a small cost these signs can be customized to suit your particular needs. For example your sign can say Parking for Joe’s Custom Auto ONLY. We do install signs at your request.

Flashback Security

Archer’s Towing considers itself one of the most innovative towing companies around. Our acclaimed Flashback Security System is custom designed to ensure that all vehicles are safe and secure when towed by Archer’s. Our innovation is unmatched by any other company and places Archer’s in an elite group of extremely professional towers. Find out more